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Key Opportunities to Mitigate Clinician Shortages

Transforming Revenue Cycle Management by Unlocking the Potential of RPA
Revolutionizing Revenue Cycle Management : Unleashing the Power of Automation through RPA

Robotic process automation (RPA) is transforming the healthcare industry. Health systems are facing challenges such as negative margins, staff shortages, and changing regulations, making the adoption of advanced technology essential. RPA, a technology that automates rule-based, repetitive tasks, is proving to be a game-changer in healthcare by increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

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Clinical Trial Data Management: Challenges and Trends

Clinical trial data management is a challenge for most research organizations. Many research organizations are outsourcing to manage labor costs and data quality to improve the rising costs and timeliness of clinical trials. Review this white paper to learn how improving data management can facilitate the success of clinical trials.

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Key Opportunities to Mitigate Clinician Shortages

With the clinician shortage reaching a critical point and an increased workload in the electronic health record, clinicians are facing a greater administrative burden to carry. Inbound patient messages via voice mail and inbox messages have skyrocketed. The result is less time for direct patient care. Review this white paper to learn ways to mitigate clinician shortages, manage inbox messages, and improve care coordination.

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RCM Leaders Share Top Concerns. Survey Reveals Focus on Outsourcing to Improve Bottom Line.

To find out which areas revenue cycle leaders are focusing on over the next 12 months, Omega Healthcare partnered with Eliciting Insights, a healthcare market research company,  to conduct a survey of 125 hospital and health system revenue cycle leaders from across the country. Review this white paper to understand the industry dynamics at play with core revenue cycle functions, and which ones RCM leaders currently outsource or are considering outsourcing.

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Patient Access: The Key to a Healthy Revenue Cycle

From historic inflation to labor shortages to skyrocketing costs, the situation has become dire for many. Hospital operating margins have plunged from to -1.1% in February 2023. This white paper shares three key areas of the patient access process that offer opportunities to protect revenue and improve the patient experience.

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The Risk and Impact of Medical Coding on Revenue Integrity

As healthcare spending grows, medical coding is increasingly scrutinized by payers and governmental agencies as primary target for audits and denials. Review this white paper to understand the industry dynamics at play with audits, takebacks and denials, 6 common coding mistakes and how medical coding can help improve revenue integrity.

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