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Omega CurateIQ

Transforming the healthcare landscape, unlocking insights, navigating RWD with precision and purpose

Broad experience managing and curating data from more than one million patient records, and providing curation support for more than 500 clinical trials

Omega does not retain rights to, or copies of, any data we are trusted to curate.

  • 10/10

    Net promoter score
  • >60%

    Cost saving on medical data abstraction
  • 95+%

    Curation accuracy
  • 2000+

    Records managed per day

Generate Regulatory-Grade Data

Accelerated pipeline research and development leading to FDA approval for drug submissions

• Comprehensive data for FDA submission
• Actionable data leading to improved decision making
• Timeliness for quick action on research findings
• Auditability for accountability from data results
• Governance to ensure standards are met
• Standardization for consistent results

Quality Data for Publication Approvals

Curated data expedites timelines to publication on research that will greatly impact patient lives and prognosis

• Data consistency allows for replication of results
• Curate relevant data for research
• Traceable data elements
• Data integrity for reputable results

Harness the Economic Potential of RWD

Unlock and maximize economic potential from data assets

• Generate R&D funding
• Foster collaboration and knowledge sharing
• Organic revenue stream
• Turbo-charge health innovation
• Public good and social impact
• Expand reach and impact

Harmonize Data from Disparate Data Systems

Bridge the gap across data systems to unify health insights

• One Patient, One Story
• Recognize Cost Savings
• Improved Interoperability
• Consistent Data Mapping Elements
• Data Security
• Common Data Model

Organized Data for Clinical Decision Making

Save valuable patient and provider time by transforming data into informed clinical decisions

• Elevating healthcare through informed clinical decisions
• Unleashing synergies through clinical excellence
• Healing with data
• Standardized quality measures
• Improved patient outcomes

“Vasta Global enabled our organization to quickly scale up a highly skilled, trained, and flexible workforce to meet the fast-growing demand for the highest quality, research-grade real-world data. The Vasta workforce consistently delivered high-quality output on or ahead of schedule and the team has done an outstanding job in partnering with us as we grew.”

– SVP, Acting COO, Oncology RWE company