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We understand and appreciate
the power of our people.

While we focus on delivering client success, we’ve also invested in how it’s achieved, which is
backed by the numerous accolades and awards we have received.

Whether you’re a recent graduate or looking to make a new career path, if you are innovative and passionate,
we invite you to join Omega Healthcare.

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Why work with Omega Healthcare?
We never stop investing in your success.

  • Robust Training & Development Programs: Custom and individualized training programs leveraging proprietary technology programs
    • We have the  largest medical coding academy  in the USA, Omega Medical Coding Academy (OMCA) with over 5000+ trained and certified
    • Regular assessments and  refresher training  is provided to improve your performance
  • Opportunities for Advancement: 90% of our leadership positions are filled through internal advancement
  • Robust Benefits Program


We’re always open to welcoming new talent, but we will never ask any money or demand favours as a pre-employment requirement. Beware of anyone making such requests while posing as Omega Healthcare employees.

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