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Three Trends in Clinical Trial Data Management

Multiple industry drivers – the increasing demand for clinical trials, the accelerating volume of complex data, and the shortage of skilled resources – are causing

  • Omega Healthcare
  • 07 August

Improve Patient Experience While Easing Clinician Burden

The COVID-19 pandemic laid bare what many have known for a long time: Healthcare in the United States is in crisis. One of the most

  • Omega Healthcare
  • 07 July

Highlights of Recent Market Research with Healthcare Revenue Cycle Leaders

Given recent turbulence in the healthcare industry and economy, healthcare organizations are looking for ways to reduce waste, improve efficiencies, and increase revenue. Often, that

  • Omega Healthcare
  • 28 June

Improve Patient Access in These Three Areas to Positively Impact Revenue Cycle and Patient Experience

Patients are looking for the same convenient options in healthcare as they have in their retail experience. They want greater convenience, choice, quality, and engagement

  • Omega Healthcare
  • 26 May

Ways to Improve Outcomes and Optimize Reimbursement with HCC Coding

Leverage HCC coding to address the needs of your highest risk patients. As organizations struggle with expanding regulatory requirements, ongoing staffing challenges, and limited payer-provider

  • Omega Healthcare
  • 02 March

Eliminate Medical Coding Mistakes and Improve Accuracy

Outdated processes can yield rejections and denials. Health Information Management (HIM) coding staff may be suffering from outdated processes that can yield rejections and denials.

  • Omega Healthcare
  • 01 March