Omega Healthcare wins the ‘Cybersecurity Excellence Award’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award’ at the 9th and 10th BPO Innovation Summit & Awards 2022 - Omega Healthcare

Omega Healthcare wins the ‘Cybersecurity Excellence Award’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award’ at the 9th and 10th BPO Innovation Summit & Awards 2022

Omega Healthcare was announced as the winner of the ‘Cybersecurity Excellence Award’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards” at the 9th and 10th Editions of the BPO Innovation Summit & Awards 2022, respectively.

The Cybersecurity award was presented to Shankar Lingam Sunnathi, Senior Vice President – IT and Compliance at Omega Healthcare and his team for showcasing expertise and taking proactive steps to thwart attacks and take preventative measures resulting in prompt responses against cyberattacks. He says, “As Omega Healthcare, we are constantly handling and processing sensitive client information, making it imperative for our cybersecurity team to take strong measures and have the right systems in place to make our partners feel safe and secure. This award isn’t just a recognition but a testament to our team’s hard work and the long hours they put in every day to keep our systems safe. This award goes to everyone who helps Omega in becoming one of the most trusted organizations in the RCM and medical billing sector.”

Omega Healthcare is one of the world’s largest RCM and medical billing enterprises, with 26000+ employees with over 118 million charts coded annually. As a result, the risk of a system breach is one of the biggest threats to the healthcare IT sector as it makes the data of millions of patients worldwide vulnerable to misuse by cybercriminals. Dealing and handling patient data across all processes is a highly sensitive process which requires careful maneuvers and stringent security measures. Omega Healthcare has been a beacon of trust for all clients across all patient care processes and has ensured that patient data remains in safe hands. Given the sensitive and highly personal nature of patient data, the team has ensured stringent cybersecurity measures across all levels.

Omega was represented by Gururaja Yellapur, Vice President of Technology of Omega Healthcare, at the 10th Edition of the awards. Upon receiving the award in the Artificial Intelligence category, he says, “We are extremely proud and elated in receiving this award from one of the most prestigious summits that celebrate our efforts in applying AI tech to address complex business problems in our industry. Omega Healthcare has always been driven by the idea of innovation and simplifying and streamlining intricate processes within the sector through the smart use of advanced technologies. This award motivates and encourages us to keep striving to be one of the innovation leaders and carve a path for other enterprises to follow as well.”

Omega’s technology-enabled services drive reduced cost, accelerated cash flow and optimized revenue for stakeholders of the healthcare ecosystem. Through its expert services, Omega has helped numerous organizations by leveraging its state-of-the-art platforms and advanced bot solutions that utilize advanced technologies like artificial intelligence/machine learning models developed by an expert team of data scientists and domain specialists. 

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