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Tumor Tip -No Treatment/Surveillance- Different Fields, Different Rules

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No Treatment/Surveillance- Different Fields have Different Rules Date of First Course Treatment-CoC /Date Therapy Initiated-SEER

Scenario: Patient diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer, 12-02-2022 patient refuses all treatment, enrolls in hospice

Question:  How would you code Date of First Course Treatment and Date Therapy Initiated?


  • Date of First Course Treatment-CoC: 12/02/2022
  • Date Therapy Initiated-SEER: BLANK

STORE- Date of First Course of Treatment

  • If active surveillance or watchful waiting is selected as the first course of treatment (RX Summ–Treatment Status [1285] = 2) record the date this decision is made.
  • In cases of non-treatment (RX Summ–Treatment Status [1285] = 0), in which a physician decides not to treat a patient, a patient’s family or guardian declines all treatment, or patient receives palliative care for pain management only, the date of first course of treatment is the date this decision was made.

SEER Program Coding and Staging Manual- Date Therapy Initiated

  • Leave blank
    • When no treatment is given during the first course
      • Note: This includes when a patient dies before treatment is recommended or given.
    • When Treatment Status is coded 2, Active surveillance/watchful waiting

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