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Tumor Tip of the Week-Covid Fields

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Just a reminder Covid fields are required for 2020 &2021 diagnosis . CoC is not continuing collection with 2022 diagnosis, however several other States & entities are continuing to collect this information in 2022, refer to your particular state for details.  Please read the manual for definitions of these fields, we have seen coding all over the place, the drop downs choices can be misleading and people are not coding them correctly.  Please check your EMR’s for these tests, it’s RARE not to see them, make an effort to find them.  Leave the SARS Pos Date field BLANK if there is no positive test, I’ve seen dates in there when all tests are negative. People are also erroneously coding  NCDB–SARSCoV2—Test as a 0 when there is a negative test instead of a 1 denoting that a test was done.  This coding is not intuitive, use your manuals please!  This data is being used & presented at National meetings, please do your part to make sure it’s accurate.  Thank you for all that you do!!

Scenario: [Negative Covid Test(s), Treatment Delayed] Patient presents with elevated 5.7 PSA 1-19-2020 Trus biopsy+ Adenocarcinoma 3+3, surgery is recommended, but due to facilities being closed due to Covid, surgery delayed until 06-01-2020

Question:  How would you document & code these Negative Covid Results?

NAACCR Field Result Discussion
Lab Text

COVID-19 viral NEG 03/09/2020

Information must be entered in the text fields exactly as shown in this document to facilitate data retrieval at a later time. Entering text in ways that vary from the format in this Guidance document could make the information useless. [Refer to SEER COVID-19 Abstraction Guidance for more information.]
Surgery Text 06-01-2020 Radical Prostatectomy (done at St Elsewhere by Dr XX)

SURG TX delayed D/T COVID-19

The text is intended to identify whether the timing and type of surgical treatment offered to the patient given the site/histology/stage of disease present at diagnosis was impacted because of the COVID-19 pandemic. No text is required if the first course of treatment was not delayed, rescheduled, or otherwise modified. [Refer to SEER COVID-19 Abstraction Guidance for more information.]
NCDB–SARSCoV2–Test 1 Patient tested for Active SARS-CoV-2 Data item is designed to track whether patient received a SARS-CoV_2 test or not
0-     Did not get tested
1-     Did get tested
9-   Unknown if tested
NCDB–SARSCoV2–Pos 0 Patient did not test positive for active SARS-CoV-2: No positive test; Data item is designed to track whether patient received a POSITIVE SARS-CoV-2 test or not.
0-     Did not test positive
1-     Tested positive
9-     Unknown if tested positive
NCDB–SARSCoV2–Pos Date BLANK What was the date of the first positive test?
·      Enter date of 1st positive test
·      Leave Blank if never tested positive or unknown if tested positive
NCDB–COVID19–Tx Impact 2 First Course of Treatment timeline delayed ·      1 Treatment not affected: active surveillance, no change
·      2 First Course of Treatment timeline delayed
·      3 First Course of Treatment plan altered
·      4 Cancelled First Course of Treatment
·      5 Patient refused treatment due to COVID-19
·      9 Not known if treatment affected

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