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Tumor Tip of the week: Cirrhosis-Fibrosis Score

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Scenario: 2022 patient presents to facility and biopsy of liver shows hepatocellular carcinoma scans reveal changes of hepatic cirrhosis, no further workup done, patient expires.

Question: How would you code the SSDI Fibrosis Score?

Answer: 7 Clinical statement of advanced/severe fibrosis or cirrhosis, AND Not histologically confirmed or unknown if histologically confirmed

Rationale:  CAnswer Forum Post

If you have imaging that states cirrhosis, with no other qualifiers, code 7 does apply.
It’s when you have a statement of fibrosis from imaging, that must say advanced/severe to record that information in code 7. If you have “fibrosis” without a statement of advanced/severe, then that would be coded as 9.


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