CHIEF OF STAFF TO CEO - Omega Healthcare


Employer:  OMH-HealthEdge Holding, Inc. dba Omega

Employer address: 2424 North Federal Highway Ste. 205. Boca Raton FL 33431

Location of employment:  Remote

Job title:  Chief of Staff to CEO


Job Duties: Assist CEO with select strategic initiatives involving Omega’s Mergers and Acquisitions and Partnership organization. This includes evaluating new investment opportunities and assessing strategic fit as well as modeling the financial impact of the opportunity. Responsible for sourcing new investments by working with investment banks and communicating to counterparts in attractive companies. Responsible for providing strategic, facilitative, and operational support, which includes but is not limited to stakeholder engagement and board communication and oversight. Responsible for driving integration of acquired businesses. Provide thought partnership to the CEO on the company’s strategic direction on business opportunities, including evaluating and analyzing the financial impact of new business opportunities, and conducting research to support key decisions. More specifically, the COS is responsible for managing the due diligence of an acquisition. Due diligence involves the purchaser’s in-depth review of the potential target company’s historical and forecasted activities. Due diligence includes inquiries into the financial, tax, legal, commercial, human resources, regulatory and environmental affairs of a potential target company. The COS is responsible for overseeing the financial due diligence, which involves a deep understanding and analysis of the reasons for the historical and forecasted trends. The COS is responsible for reporting the relevancy of these trends to the CEO, the members of the senior executive team, and the Board of Directors. The scope of the financial due diligence conducted by the COS includes but is not limited to analyzing the historical quality of earnings (the sustainability of historical earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization or EBITDA), quality of net assets, working capital requirements, capital expenditure requirements, financial debt, and liabilities, and forecasted financial results. Based on the due diligence, the COS assesses, based on Omega’s risk profile, whether there are any potential deal breakers, whether the structure and price of the acquisition is appropriate or whether appropriate warranties and representations are included in the acquisition documents. COS also assists the CEO in new sales and customer relationship management initiatives.  Remote.

Education:  MBA with emphasis in Finance or Accounting and Bachelor in Finance, Accounting, Economics, or field that involves the development of analytical problem solving skills, including but not limited to Engineering.

Experience: 36 months of experience in an occupation that requires financial analysis.  Should also have experience in private equity, management consulting, and/or operational / entrepreneurial.

Skills:  Advanced skills in Excel modeling.  Skill in conducting due diligences.  Skill in negotiating M&A transactions and understanding M&A legal agreements.



Type: Full Time
Location: USA

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