On Demand Aug 2022 - Neoplasms - Coding Webinar

On Demand Webinar: August 2022 Neoplasms

Join our experts as we explore Neoplasms On Demand which was telecasted on 23rd & 24th Aug 2022.

Aug 2022 - Neoplasms

Join the Omega Education Team as we explore diagnostic coding of Neoplasms.  We will provide an overview to include types of neoplasms, general & chapter specific guidelines and proper coding & sequencing of neoplasms.  The discussion is designed to help facilitate understanding of specific coding guidelines for neoplasms with examples. The content will provide education that is valuable to coders and auditors in the facility and physician arena.  Webinar goal is to assist inpatient, outpatient and physician healthcare professionals understand and interpret coding guidelines for accurate diagnostic coding of Neoplasms.    

This webinar will provide coding discussion specific to:

  1. Neoplasm Coding Axis
  2. Types of Neoplasms
  3. Primary vs. Secondary Neoplasms
  4. Chapter 2 Specific Coding Guidelines of Neoplasms
  5. Encounters involving chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and radiation therapy
  6. Signs/Symptoms associated with Neoplasms
  7. Neoplasm Related pain
  8. Sequencing of Neoplasms
  9. History of Neoplasms
  10. Hematopoietic and Lymphatic Neoplasms
  11. Neuroendocrine Tumors

Webinar Speaker

Kitty Dugre, CCS, CDIP  –  Omega Healthcare Educator/Auditor
Jody Meece, RHIA, CCS –  Omega Healthcare Educator/Auditor

Please click here to download an important note on the webinar.