• Our Vision is to be the global leader and provider of choice for healthcare business and knowledge process outsourcing services.


  • Be an ally to third party revenue cycle management companies, by never selling directly to physicians or hospitals
  • Improve the bottom line for our customers. Your success is our success
  • Focus on healthcare verticals only, to become the best at what we do
  • Respond proactively to change in order to be an agile and cutting-edge organization
  • Ensure our growth is planned and predictable by using robust planning tools and methodologies

Corporate Values

Omega prides itself on a culture rooted in the following fundamental principles. These values guide our actions and decisions every day.

  • Customer service : We operate with the highest level of ethics and take pride in exceeding customer expectations by focusing on service quality
  • Respect for the Individual : We treat people with dignity and the highest level of respect
  • Transparency : We encourage all Omega team members to express their views openly and honestly
  • Equal opportunity for all : We value diversity and provide equal opportunity for employment, learning, and growth within the organization
  • Collaboration : We encourage a participatory workplace by promoting team spirit and celebrating team accomplishments
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