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Tumor Tip of the Week- HoLEP Surgery Code

Scenario: 2022 This patient came to our facility with a history of LUTS/BPH. The patient was evaluated during a clinical consultation and had elected to undergo surgical treatment of his LUTS/BPH via Holmium Laser Enucleation of Prostate (HoLEP). There was no indication of prostate cancer prior to the HoLEP. The pathology report came back as Adenocarcinoma of the prostate. This was an incidental finding of prostate cancer.

Question:  How would you code the Site-Specific Surgery Code?

  • 20 Local tumor excision, NOS
  • 21 Transurethral resection (TURP), NOS, with specimen sent to pathology
  • 22 TURP–cancer is incidental finding during surgery for benign disease
  • 23 TURP–patient has suspected/known cancer

Any combination of 20–23 WITH

  • 24 Cryosurgery
  • 25 Laser
  • 26 Hyperthermia

Answer: 25 Laser [Any combination of 20–23 WITH Laser]


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