RCM, Virtual Nursing, and Revenue Cycle Technology for Healthcare

RCM & Virtual Nursing Solutions

Connecting our deep domain expertise with technology-driven and analytics-enabled solutions, we deliver the business outcomes you need.

Scalable Solutions Tailored to Our Client’s Needs

Reduce Direct & Indirect Labor Costs

Our end-to-end revenue cycle management services allow clients to shift their focus from routine tasks to more strategic priorities that promote revenue growth.

  • Fast & Accurate

    Process tasks faster with great accuracy

  • Efficient

    Avoid the manual handoff between processes

  • Increase Productivity

    Increase productivity through automation and smart allocation of tasks<

Fortifying the Frontlines

No matter why a client needs additional nursing support, or how they plan to leverage our team of registered nursing personnel, we can customize the right staffing solution for the right length of time needed, to support and scale your initiatives.

  • Utilization Management

    Seamlessly communicate between key stakeholders to ensure care plans will be approved and paid—all while maintaining EMR documentation

  • Claims Management

    Evaluate medical claim denials and prepare professional, effective clinical appeals

  • Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)

    Easily identify errors or inconsistencies, making preemptive updates or corrections and reducing claim denials

  • Patient Case Management

    Provide continuation of patient care to be sure care plans are followed and medications are taken appropriately.

  • Virtual Scribing

    Transcribe patient notes and provides proper clinical documentation for billing

  • Nurse Triage

    Field incoming inquiries and determine the level of care needed and schedule patients to see a physician if necessary

Monitor & improve Performance Through our Automation & Analytics Tools

Looking to automate or drive visibility into your revenue cycle? Leverage our 150+ engineers with expertise in advanced automation healthcare technologies.

By leveraging our leading technology and automation solutions, we help companies drive more accuracy while increasing margins.

  • Automated Posting

    Payment posting with artificial intelligence and OCR technology

  • Automated Medical Coding

    Process charts with automated medical coding

  • Automated AR

    Handle claims via automated accounts receivables

  • Transactions Audits

    100% of transactions audited automatically

  • Custom

    Custom-built advanced automation solutions

  • Analytics

    Make intelligent business decisions with an advanced analytics platform powered by WhiteSpace Health.

Combining the Right People, Process and Technologies to Deliver Maximum Results

Reveue Cycle Management chart

  • $10 billion accounts receivable collections

  • 110+ million charts coded annually

  • 145 million transactions handled

  • 1 in 9 U.S. emergency department charts coded in 2020

  • $287 million benefits verifications processed

  • 5,000+ medical coders

  • 500,000+ average patient calls handled per month

  • 26,000+ trained employees

  • Successfully transitioned 500+ processes

  • Expertise in 80+ provider PM, EHR/EMR, and hospital billing systems

Certificates of Compliance