Omega Healthcare’s Patient Support Solution is now offering to Hub and Specialty Pharmacy Vendors the following:

Medical Benefit Verification

With over 5 years of experience in benefit verification, the Omega Healthcare team knows what to ask and how to ensure the information received is current and accurate, no matter the drug and/or coverage type.

Patient Care Coordination

Omega Healthcare utilizes licensed RNs to support the coordination of care and delivery of their specialty medications right to the patient’s desired location.

Specialty Pharmacy Triage Support

The Omega healthcare team ensures that the transition to the appropriate specialty pharmacy takes place. By doing so, we help support speed to therapy for patients.

Fax Notifications to Physicians

The Omega Healthcare team coordinates care with Prescribers to notify the office when additional information is needed and/or for status updates.

New Patient Entry

The Omega Healthcare team is skilled in ensuring timely and accurate entry of patient data into your proprietary technology.


Omega Healthcare recognizes the importance and value of top quality performance and results. Using Lean-6 Sigma methodologies we have been able to achieve and maintain these high standards for over 5 years for our Hub and Specialty Pharmacy partners.


Conducted over 500,000 benefit verifications (BV) annually with a quality excellence performance of 99.8%

Customer satisfaction ratings at 100%

99.98% network uptime

Quality delivery within defined timelines

In addition, Omega Healthcare offers US-based Account Managers who are designated to you for anything - from unique cases to quarterly business reviews, our team is aligned to meet your immediate customer needs!


Omega Healthcare recognizes the value of a secure environment. As such, we have multiple measures in place to support both data security as well as personal security of your customers to eliminate risk.

Data Security

Quality policy

Quality policy

Omega Healthcare has established a key set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as it relates to all services, security, data exchange and more

In addition, the Omega Healthcare team will work with you to establish client specific SOPs.

Redundancy & Disaster

Redundancy & Disaster

Omega Healthcare has complete redundancy mechanisms in place throughout our office locations and within each business unit.

Data Security & Privacy

Data Security & Privacy

Omega Healthcare business sites limit internet access, printing capabilities as well as personal items on the operational floor.

In addition, prior to our employees stepping onto the business floor, all personal items are placed in a secure location and the employee is ready to work, free from any distractions.



Omega Healthcare is certified in HIPPA and HITRUST; providing our customers with confidence in the security of patient information and the data associated with it.

SOC, SOC2 & Reporting Controls

SOC, SOC2 & Reporting Controls

Omega Healthcare ensures SOC & SOC2 compliance through custom dashboards displaying a clear view of any data gaps and identified methods to resolve them.


Omega Healthcare prides ourselves on our quality performance. In addition, we are proud to provide a significant cost-savings to our customers through the positions in which we support for our customers.

Economies of scale leading to cost savings of nearly 40%

Agility to scale bandwidth as required by your business


Here at Omega Healthcare we pride ourselves on our ability to meet and exceed customer business needs and expectations.

“Thank you for everything you do, you are a perfect fit!”

Hub Vendor, Multi-Service

“You absolutely were key to us hitting this milestone!”

Hub Vendor on BV Services

“The work that each of you do for us is essential to our program.”

Hub Vendor, Multi-Service

Are you ready to learn more? Click here to request a copy of our case study on quality & cost and also to learn of how the Omega Healthcare Patient Support Solutions can work for you!