5 Tips to Improve your job search

By Krishnan Bangarusamy

Job seekers know best what it takes to be resilient and always on their feet when it comes to a job search. Unfortunately, the recent COVID-19 predicament only makes this ordeal more stressful and overwhelming. Contrary to popular belief, this also means new opportunities owed to this rapidly changing business ecosystem. But how do you grab them?

Here are five tips to help you get your edge in the market:

Define your goal
Taking a moment to understand what you are looking for goes a long way. Using job hunting as a tool to inspire clarity on what you want is a common misconception that only leads to more confusion and panic. Career counselling, research, and connecting with professionals are great ways to help you define a realistic goal. This will help you narrow down your search and plan your career too.

Quality over quantity
Though hard work is key to success, smarter work wins in an aggressive, competitive job market. Employers value effort, and it becomes imperative that you adapt your resume and cover letter to the jobs you apply for to get an edge in the stack.

Another concern in the market is that freshers panic sending resumes all over the market. Candidates should apply only to the jobs that match their qualifications and not mass apply, including ones that may be irrelevant to them.

Networking is a great way to meet professionals that work in your field and learn and understand the market from them. Connecting to the right people may also open up more opportunities for you in the future. Make sure you are active and social on professional platforms like LinkedIn to share your successes and stories with like-minded people.

Build your CV
Investing in internships to gain relevant experience, adding courses and new skills to your portfolio may seem like a tiny edge but can add personality to a resume. Employers appreciate proactive candidates and how much initiative one takes to hone their skills.

Be prepared
There’s nothing worse than getting a call back for your dream job and freezing. Being prepared automatically boosts confidence and leaves no room for any unforced errors. Confidently communicate the value you will bring in, your ability to do the job, and your business knowledge.

One does not need to know all the answers – that is unrealistic- it is essential to be prepared for unexpected situations and be comfortable enough to say you do not have the answer.

Recruiters get hundreds and thousands of CVS in their inboxes every day. In the end, what it takes for a candidate to be shortlisted and offered a job, depends on what they do to market themselves. It does not mean you have to resort to scouring the earth for the best, most advanced tips, expensive training programs, extensive courses or even magical social skills.

Simply relearning your basics can do the trick. Basics may seem like that pocket of information that exists at the back of your head, but often overwhelming yourself with too much information blurs what we think we know. Happy hunting!

The author is the AVP – Human Resources at Omega Healthcare Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

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