Ron Oberlander

Vice President  - Coding and Compliance

Ron brings over 30 years of experience in both medical coding and clinical expertise. Early in his career, Ron spent 15 years managing and overseeing a staff of nurses within two large emergency departments at major hospitals in California. This experience gave him a deep understanding of clinical documentation and compliance needs and concerns in terms of billing within an emergency setting. Ron had also partnered with an emergency medicine physician and started a focused medical coding company in Northern California to support emergency medicine physicians. Here he was responsible for overseeing the clinical documentation and billing requirements for ER doctors at various hospitals throughout the Pacific region of the US. Part of Ron's expertise was providing documentation and training to providers, to maximize their reimbursement and ensure compliance in accordance with all payer guidelines. Ron has also spent time within a medical billing environment to understand the revenue cycle management process and how coding plays a keyrole in maximizing collections for the provider or facility. At Omega Healthcare, Ron overseas the professional coding for all clients and holds the position of compliance officer throughout the organization.

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