With high accuracy rates and fast turnaround times, Omega is unmatched in the industry

Omega’s consistently high scores from the extensive audit programs of our customers are a testimony to our quality. Entering information quickly and accurately is critical to ensuring clean claims. This is the first step towards securing accurate and quick reimbursement. Our data entry teams work in several areas:

Demographic Information: The first step to getting a clean claim is ensuring that demographic information is entered into the system correctly.

Charge Entry: Charges from an encounter form or coded visit are entered into the software by our staff.

Payment Posting: Once the payments come back from the insurance companies, we accurately and promptly apply payments back to charges in the system.

Data Validation: Today’s technology allows companies to scan information and then use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to populate data fields into various systems. Our “Data Validation” team checks to ensure that the information is complete and accurate.