Ethics and Quality are the cornerstones of our organization

Corporate Values

Omega prides itself on a culture rooted in the following fundamental principles. These values guide our actions and decisions every day.

  • Customer service: We operate with the highest level of ethics and take pride in exceeding customer expectations by focusing on service quality
  • Respect for the Individual: We treat people with dignity and the highest level of respect
  • Transparency: We encourage all Omega team members to express their views openly and honestly
  • Equal opportunity for all: We value diversity and provide equal opportunity for employment, learning, and growth within the organization
  • Collaboration: We encourage a participatory workplace by promoting team spirit and celebrating team accomplishments

By encouraging a collaborative work environment, we are able to maintain high team morale, inspire new ideas, and celebrate diversity. Our young and vibrant work environment has helped us to expand beyond our business and into our community.

Omega Culture

Community Connect – CSR
Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) call to action is “Respect, Facilitate, and Empower”. We strive to provide all of our employees with guidance, not just professional growth, but personal growth as well. Our CSR initiatives enable teamwork, creativity, and empowerment of the people inside and outside of Omega to facilitate solutions for education, economic, and social issues.

Blood donation
Omega has been consciously involved in conducting blood donation camps. At a recent blood donation camp conducted as a part of our CSR initiative, Omega associates came out in the hundreds, donating over 125 pints of blood.

Fun @ Work
By conducting various social events that are fun, energizing, and motivating for our employees, we create a revitalized work environment. These social events have helped to create a strong bond among our employees and a company culture where ideas are shared and welcomed at all levels.

Rewards & Recognition
The Rewards & Recognition program at Omega aims to promote personal growth in alignment with the company’s growth. We strive to recognize and reward outstanding performance, encouraging further achievements while fostering a culture of appreciation.

Fun @ Work