Our analysts have a track record of high resolution rates that ensure improved collections

The Omega Healthcare medical billing team categorizes Accounts Receivable Management into three distinct functions for its physician and hospital revenue cycle management clients:

Denials Processing

Correspondence and denied claims are processed in daily batches by our team of experienced billing personnel. Taking a proactive approach to handling denials, we can improve your “days in AR” substantially.

Claims Follow-up

Unpaid claims are first sorted and ordered by financial class. Then, our employees in this unit call on the appropriate insurance companies or self-pay patients (if requested) to aggressively resolve any non-payment issues.

Customer Service

A highly skilled set of agents is assigned to manage both the incoming and outbound patient phone calls. Our new Philippines operations center is designed to specifically handle this highly sensitive area of the receivables management process. Accents in the Philippines are very similar to US accents and the availability of skilled nurses and clinicians to address specific patient questions allows us to provide our clients with a highly effective patient call handling service.